Staff Contact List

Contacting Leventhorpe

There may be times when you need to contact staff at the school. This may be for a number of reasons but if your contact is urgent or of a confidential nature please contact the school by telephone on 01279 836633.

If your contact is not urgent, you can still get in touch by telephone or you can contact staff by email. We try to respond to urgent telephone calls within 24 hours and email contacts within two working days. Please be aware, however, that due to staff teaching and extra-curricular commitments or staff absence, it may not always be possible to respond to emails within this time frame.

Please do not use email for confidential or urgent matters or during the holidays.

Who to Contact

Subject related matters: Your child’s Class Teacher - please go to the home page and under the LEARNING tab, select the subject area in the drop-down list. A staff list with email addresses is available for each faculty.

Pastoral matters: Your child’s Form Tutor (please see list below).

For student absence, please either call the Absence Line on 01279 836633 and select option 1 or send an email.

For any Medical issues please contact Mrs Burrell, Lower School Pastoral Assistant / Medical.

Please email Admissions for any queries relating to our admissions process. For payment related matters, please email the Finance Office.

For general enquiries or if you are unsure about who you should contact please email the school’s general email and your enquiry will be forwarded to the correct member of staff.

Senior Leadership Team
Mr J Locke Headteacher
Dr C Cusick Assistant Headteacher - Deputy Designated Senior Lead
Mr J Dyke Deputy Headteacher
Mr A Francis Assistant Headteacher - Designated Senior Lead
Mr D Harvey Assistant Headteacher 
Ms B Kistell Assistant Headteacher - SCITT Manager
Mrs L Lynch SLT Secondee - Head of MFL
Mrs W Shannon                 HR Manager - Premises
Mr M White Deputy Headteacher            

Mrs L Ayers Middle School Pastoral Assistant - Admissions Assistant
Mrs G Blair-Park Futures Adviser
Mrs N Burrell Lower School Pastoral Assistant
Mrs J Austin Collaborative Training Coordinator
Mrs J Howard Attendance Assistant
Mrs J Johnson Training Administrator
Mrs J Moodie Admissions Officer - Clerk to Governors - Communications Officer
Mrs L Robinson Communications Assistant - Foreign Language Assistant
Mrs S Wheatley-Davis Headteacher's PA - HR Assistant
Mrs J Creagh Examinations Officer
Ms J Bartlett Sixth Form Support Officer
Mrs S Blayney Receptionist
Mrs S Galley Receptionist
Mrs L Smith Administrative Assistant

Heads of Year
Mr A Sydes Head of Year 7          
Mr N Beardsworth Head of Year 8
Mrs S Murphy Head of Year 9
Miss H Gallant Head of Year 10                                                       
Mrs F Woolfe Head of Year 11
Mrs E Gower-Pimenta Head of Year 12
Mrs K Morris Head of Year 13
Mr B Clawson Head of Sixth Form
Mr M Laforce Behaviour Manager & Attendance Officer
Mr T Webb SENCo

Form Tutors

Year 7 Tutor
7B Mr M Robertson
7C Miss J Wright
7F Mr J McGee
7L Mrs D Fernandez
7M Mrs W Ball
7N Mr D Price
7R Miss R Whitaker / Mrs J Jackson (Thurs/Fri)
7W Mr J Reece
Intervention Tutors Miss L Fidler & Miss H Amin

Year 8 Tutor Year 9 Tutor
8B Miss A Costin 9B   Mr C Moffat                           
8C Mr A Beardwell 9C Miss L Rodriguez
8F Mrs M Evans 9F Mr A Palmer
8L Mr M Judge 9L Miss E Canavan
8N Mr M Andrews 9N Miss M Reeve
8R Ms S Skraban                9R      Mr M Stevens
Intervention Tutors Mrs H Price & Mrs K Lee Intervention Tutors Mrs L Ball & Mrs H Swanley

Year 10 Tutor Year 11 Tutor
10B Miss A Mash                    11B Miss C Perez
10C Mr C Chester 11C Mr A Oakley
10F Mrs S Hajwanai 11F Miss V Young / Ms G Thomas (Wed)
10L Mr T Wade 11L Mr S Lawrence
10N Miss V Dixey 11N Mrs L Lynch / Mrs C Astwood (Wed Week A)      
10R Miss S Cane 11R Mr D Dann
Intervention Tutors Mrs S Austin Intervention Tutors Mrs C Astwood, Mrs C Johnstone, Mrs H Cunningham & Mrs R Brown

Year 12 Tutor Year 13 Tutor
12B Mr S Curran 13B Miss M Pickering
12C Mrs L White 13C Mrs C Boyd
12F Miss L Dean 13F Mr M Hall
12L Miss J Pagram 13L Mr M Chittick
12N Mr T Xavier 13N Dr P Stanley
12R Mr A Kitson / Mr A Riddell (Week B Wed pm) 13R Ms C Hayward / Mr T Hayward (Tues Week B)
Mrs K Ross Catering Manager                                     
Mr J Bambury  Caretaker Manager                                                   

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