Uniform and Appearance

Leventhorpe 2017 Sixth Form 11621

All students must adhere to the uniform regulations.  Uniform should be worn properly both at school and when travelling to and from school.

Boys Girls
Black blazer with school badge Black blazer with school badge
White shirt buttoned up to the neck and tucked in at the waist   White open neck House blouse with plain collar and long/short or ¾ sleeves
Plain (no logo) black v-neck sweater may be worn over the shirt (optional). No sweatshirts or cardigans.
Plain (no logo) black v-neck sweater may be worn over the blouse (optional).
No sweatshirts or cardigans.
Black trousers. School kilt (black/red/tartan) MUST cover the knees. Fosters and Top Form stock longer length kilts which may be ordered by telephoning or visiting the suppliers
House tie – showing four/five House stripes and tied up at the neck.  No tie is worn.
Dark raincoat/overcoat/anorak/ - not denim or leather – no logos. Dark raincoat/overcoat/anorak/ - not denim or leather – no logos.
Smart black shoes -  Boots and trainers are not acceptable. Smart black sensible low-heeled shoes with back. Narrow heels, boots and trainers are not acceptable
Dark socks – not white or with visible colour Plain white, black or grey socks or plain black, flesh or grey tights

Students should remove any items of outdoor clothing on entering the school buildings.  This includes coats, hats,scarves, gloves etc.

Most uniform is available from local department stores. Girls’ kilts and House blouses are obtainable from  Fosters in Bishop's Stortford and Top Form in Harlow.

Please note that if you are ordering online from Fosters you need to click on the top left hand tab to search for a particular school; this will take you to a page from where you can choose Leventhorpe and enter the school’s password which is PEEHS.

All items should be marked with the student’s name (sewn in please). Students failing to wear the correct uniform without good reason will be placed in detention. If there is reason why the student is unable to comply with the uniform regulations then parents are asked to provide a note to their child's form tutor.


Hairstyles should be simple, one natural colour and not extreme. Fashion styles are not allowed. Shaved hair is not acceptable. Hair must be at least a grade 3 in length. Hair accessories are to be plain.

Make-up and Jewellery

Students who have had their ears pierced may wear one pair of small plain gold or silver studs (worn in the lower lobe). They must not contain any stone. No other body studs, rings or jewellery should be worn. Make-up and nail varnish should not be worn in school.

PE and Games Kit

pe photo pe photo girls 3

Boys Girls
Reversible Black/Red Rugby Shirt  Black/Red Polo shirt with school logo
Black Shorts with school logo Black Skort with school logo
Black/Red Polo Shirt with school logo Red Football Socks
House T-Shirt House T-Shirt
Football Boots  Football Boots
Trainers/Astros (no canvas shoes) Trainers/Astros (no canvas shoes)
Red Football Socks  Tracksuit Top (optional)
Tracksuit top (optional)  Sports Leggings (optional)
Safety Equipment (compulsory)  Safety Equipment (compulsory)
Gum Shield (Rugby and Hockey) Gum Shield (Hockey)
Shin Pads (Football and Hockey)  Shin Pads (Football and Hockey)

Sportswear is available from Fosters and Top Form. 

Nearly New Uniform

You can now order nearly new school uniform items online, with a range of sizes available for most items.  The prices are as follows:

Blazer/jacket/coat     £5
Shirt/blouse £2
Trousers £3
Kilt  £10                                                                              
Jumper £3
Polo shirt £6
Shorts       £4
Skort £8
Rugby shirt £8

All items are freshly laundered and in good as new condition.  If you would like to place an order, please send an email specifying the item and size that you would like to purchase.  Items ordered must be paid for and collected at school Reception at a pre-arranged time.   We will give you the details in our reply email. 



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