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So you're coming to Leventhorpe for the first time! It is going to be a big change. There will be new challenges, lots of new faces and a far larger school for you to find your way around. We know that it will be a big change for you and we look forward to meeting you.  You might be a little nervous but don’t worry - we know that you will have a really happy time here.

At Leventhorpe you will have the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of subjects and activities. Sports, music, dance, art, drama and school trips and visits are just some of the opportunities and experiences that are waiting for you here.

Leaving your primary school and moving to the new, much bigger world of secondary education can feel a little worrying. Our aim is to make all of our new students feel welcome and safe so that you hit the ground running at the start of Year 7 and make a great start to what will hopefully be some of the best years of your life.

If you are joining us from your primary school there is a special New Intake Day when you can visit the school, meet all the other new students, make new friends and try out some lessons! There is also a New Intake Evening for you and your parents when you can come to learn about Leventhorpe, spend some time with members of staff and ask questions.

If you are the only student joining from your primary school there is no need to worry. You are extremely important to us and you will also be given an extra opportunity to visit us on our small primaries day when you will get to meet other students who are also the only ones joining Leventhorpe from their primary schools.

Here is what some of our current Year 7s said about starting at Leventhorpe:

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We hope you find the information in this section of the website useful and we look forward to seeing you in September!

A Typical Day at Leventhorpe

Every school day you will meet your form tutor in the morning and at afternoon registration. You will have five lessons of 60 minutes each in a wide range of subjects including English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, RPE, ICT, PE, Music, Art and lots more.

Registration / Tutor Time 8.45-8.50
Period 1 8.50-9.50
Change 9.50-9.55
Period 2 9.55-10.55
Break 10.55-11.15                                            
Period 3 11.15-12.15
Change 12.15-12.20
Period 4 12.20-1.20
Lunch 1.20-2.15
Registration/Tutor Time 2.15-2.35
Period 5 2.35-3.35
Home 3.35

You will receive your timetable on the first day of the Autumn Term. At lesson times students go to subject rooms where they are met by their teachers. 


Lunchtimes can be very busy times with lots of clubs to join. It is also a good time to visit the Learning Resource Centre or to catch up with your friends.

Homework Club

This club is held on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday lunchtimes in Room 19, and after school in the Learning Resource Centre from 3.35pm to 5pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays. Staff are always ready to help you with your homework. Homework club welcomes students of all ages and abilities, so you can make new friends at the same time.  We are here to support your learning and ensure that you reach your potential.

Clubs and Activities

School is not just about hard work. It is about meeting new people, making friends and taking part in the activities that you enjoy the most.  When you arrive at Leventhorpe you will find that there are lots of lunchtime or after-school activities and clubs that you can join. 

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If you visit our Extra-Curricular Clubs & Activities page, you can see all the clubs that are on offer.  You will see that there are lots of sports clubs and activities, including football, rugby, basketball, hockey, netball and cricket, as well as the gym.  If you are musical, you can audition for the school orchestra, the Funk Band, the Rock Band or you can play in the brass, clarinet & sax or guitar group. You can also join in with the choir. They are all great fun!  If you enjoy acting you can audition for the school production, which takes place every February.

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Whatever you like to do there really is something for everyone.  On top of all these activities in the summer you will enjoy a week at the Year 7 Citizenship Camp, forming stronger bonds with your no-longer-quite-so-new classmates, and a day trip to France! There is always something to do at Leventhorpe!

Food at Leventhorpe

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Before school and at break and lunchtimes you can visit the Dining Room for a hot or cold snack or meal. There is also the Food Cube on the piazza serving pasta and other light meals at lunch time and the school's new Double Decker Diner serving healthy snacks at break and lunch.


Our daily breakfast service opens from 8:00am and is very popular with all our ‘early birds’, both staff and students. The menu has an exciting range of croissants, sweet an savoury muffins, hot porridge cups and a cereal and fruit bar, not to mention the ‘old favourite’ hot bacon rolls (served in wholemeal crusty rolls of course).


Mid Morning Break

This service is an important part of the day especially for those who have missed breakfast! Hot pizza, panini, bacon rolls, cheesy jackets and even giant pretzels are served each day with a variety of freshly baked baguettes and sandwiches as well as freshly prepared fruit salads.


Our lunch service offers an extensive array of food and drink whether you have time for a plated hot lunch and pudding or filled jacket potato or pasta bowl or simply prefer a sandwich/baguette or salad bowl from our Salad Bar.  Lighter lunches are served from our Food Cube just by the Leisure Centre on the piazza.

The Learning Resource Centre at Leventhorpe (LRC)

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The LRC is packed-full of exciting and current fiction and non-fiction books.  We have over 18,000 books on our shelves - all of which have been specially selected for students at Leventhorpe.  Reading is celebrated across the school and we are proud of our reading culture. 

Our friendly staff are always available to help you choose or find a book and we provide up to date reading lists (please click here for our list of book recommendations for Year 7s) for those who want to try something new or just need inspiration.  If there is a book we do not have, we are happy to receive requests from students and we can order books in right away.

The LRC has lots more to offer too.  There is a computer suite for all students to use during break, lunchtimes, before and after school.  We have created a lovely reading corner especially for our Year 7s called the ‘Fun Fact Corner’ where students can browse through new and interesting non-fiction books, write up fun facts of their own on the LRC white board or simply sit and get cosy during lunch or break times. 

Throughout the year, the LRC run competitions and challenges and once a year there is a very popular book fair that everyone gets very excited about. 

On World Book Day we like to celebrate reading by inviting an author to visit the school and talk to the Year 7s.  This year we invited in Joe Craig who writes the Jimmy Coates Assassin series and he was lots of fun and very inspirational.  We look forward to welcoming you all once you arrive in September!

Tips to Help New Students Succeed

Leventhorpe is a really fun place to be and there are many different ways that you can succeed. Here are just a few suggestions:

  • Take a full and active role in all aspects of school life.
  • Listen and work hard in lessons.
  • Join in with lunchtime or after-school activities.
  • Make sure you are friendly and kind with your fellow students.
  • Always be polite and respectful with staff.
  • Do your homework to your best ability and hand it in on time.
  • Make sure you arrive at school on time and come to school each day.
  • Make sure you have the right books and equipment with you.
  • Be organised - try to pack your school bag the night before and use your School Planner.
  • Challenge yourself to learn a new hobby or get involved in a community project.
  • Look after the school’s buildings and equipment.

When we challenge ourselves to do things that we find difficult or scary it helps us to grow in confidence and to grow as a person.  At Leventhorpe there are lots of fun ways that you can challenge yourself – from auditioning for the school production to joining one of the sports teams.

Later on you can challenge yourself to exceed a predicted grade by two grades in one or more of your GCSE subjects.

Life at Leventhorpe will allow you to not only reach your full potential but to aim even higher than that and you will have a great time doing it.

Useful Things to Know

Homework in Year 7

Homework is an essential part of any course - in Year 7 homework will normally take you around 30 minutes  per subject.  If you are not able to complete your homework for any reason you should bring a note of explanation from home.

We use the web based "Show My Homework" (SMHW) system which lets students and parents see all the homework that has been set.  You will receive your personal log in details when you arrive in September.  Remember that Homework Club runs four lunchtimes per week as well as four afternoons after school where there will always be someone to help you.


There are lots of really interesting assemblies for you to attend. These are held on a rota basis and  always have interesting and thought-provoking themes.  Recent themes of assemblies have been Peer pressure and how to respond; What will you be?" Change and dealing with it and Understanding different cultures.

Lost Property

Lost property can be collected from Student Services.  If you lose any belongings it is important that you check with a member of staff in Student Services before replacing lost items.

Finding Your Way Around

A school map is given to all new students but if you do get lost there is always someone to help you.  You can click here if you would like to view the map before September.

Your Tutor Group

The member of staff who will be most important to you during your time at Leventhorpe will be your Form Tutor. (S)he will see you at least twice every day, for registration, and will get to know you and help you to feel comfortable and safe during your time in school, so you can put all your effort into getting top results in your lessons.

We plan our tutor groups very carefully, trying to create a balance between putting new students with people they know from primary school and giving them the opportunity to make new friends.

School Council

The School Council allows every student at Leventhorpe to have their say about the running of the school and the opportunities on offer.  Each tutor group elects Form Representatives to join the School Council.  Why not put yourself forward to represent your form?

Who to Contact if you have a Problem

If you have a problem and you are not sure how to solve it then the best person to see in the first instance is your Form Tutor.  You will see your Form Tutor twice every day so they are the people that will know you best of all.

The Houses

Every member of the Leventhorpe community, students and staff, as well being in a tutor group and a year group, belongs to a House. The Houses - Barnard, Cutforth, Fawbert, Lawrence, Moore, Newsom, Rivers and Wilkins are all named after local historic dignitaries of Sawbridgeworth.  As House members all students have a wide range of opportunities to work together and ‘compete’ against other students, the other Houses and even against themselves, earning House points in the process.

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Year 7 House Matches

If you Feel Unwell

If you feel unwell at school then you should report to Student Services.
Your parents may also be contacted by the school office if necessary. If you require any form of medication then this would have been handed in to reception by your parents so that you can take it as and when required.

What if I am Late for School?

It is very important to come to school on time.  Lateness will result in a detention being set.  If you do arrive late you should sign in at reception and be ready to explain the reason why you are late for school.


It is important that Leventhorpe students always look nice and smart and that they are wearing the correct school uniform. There are also some general rules about appearance and the other things that you are or are not allowed to wear. For more information about the correct school uniform please visit the school uniform page.

Travelling to School

However you travel to and from Leventhorpe each day we expect a very high standard of behaviour and appearance from all our students both on your way to and on your way back from school.

School Rules


The School Code is printed within the information given in the Home-School agreement and is designed to act as a code of conduct for learning and behaviour for all students.


Whilst we prefer to reward good behaviour with merit marks and other awards, there are occasions when sanctions are needed if you do not behave as we expect Leventhorpe students to behave.  These might take the form of detentions - either at lunchtime or even after school. For very serious offences you may be excluded from coming to school.

Forbidden Items

The following items are not allowed in school: iPads, laser pens, weapons of any kind (including toy weapons), other items which the school deems dangerous or distracting, chewing gum, aerosols, tobacco, or e-cigarette products, matches or lighters, alcohol, other drugs of any kind unless on prescription. If such items are found they will be confiscated and exclusion may result from their possession.

Mobile phones

Mobile phones should not be used at school.  They can be disruptive if left on during lesson time and they are distracting. There is a phone in Student Services which students can use in an emergency. Confiscated phones will be returned only to parents by appointment with the Headteacher at least one day after the phone being confiscated.

What do I need to Bring to School?

All students need a school bag that can carry their books and planners to, from and around school. Students may also need a draw string-bag to bring their PE kit into school on the days required.  It is a good idea to get into the habit of packing your school bag with the books and materials that you will need for the next day before you go to bed each night.

All students need a pencil case with pens, pencils including colouring pencils, sharpener, protractor and ruler. A full list of equipment and stationery will be included in the New Intake Booklet you will receive on New Intake Day.  

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