Careers Guidance

Mrs Blair-Park is Leventhorpe's Futures Adviser and meets with students in Years 9-13 to help steer them through the jungle of further education, training and employment.  Mrs Blair-Park meets with students during breaks and lunchtimes to discuss careers and work experience. Meetings with Year 9 students generally focus on their options and Year 9 Careers Day, an annual event for Year 9 students that takes place after Christmas.  Meetings with Year 10 students generally focus on work experience, which takes place during June, Year 11 meetings can be to discuss plans after year 11, including sixth form, college courses and apprenticeships. Students in Years 12-13 meetings, where possible during their free periods, revolve around futures advice, work experience and UCAS.  Students can speak with Mrs Blair-Park about making appointments at any time. 

Career Activities Calendar

Year 9 Career's Day – Tuesday 5th March
Year 8 Careers Activity - TBC
Year 10 Mock Interviews – TBC
Year 12 Work Experience – Monday 18th March – Friday 22nd March
Year 10 Work Experience - Monday 10th June- Friday 14th June
Year 12 Futures Day – Wednesday 3rd July
Year 11  Post 11 Review Interviews and YC Hertfordshire students will be advised of times.

Careers advice and guidance

Year 11 Futures interviews will be taking place throughout the autumn term. These interviews are with Mrs Blair-Park as School Futures Advisor, and will provide an opportunity to discuss students' plans after Year 11. This includes Sixth Form, A Level & vocational college courses and apprenticeships. 

Students will receive an appointment card with an allocated time slot to attend. These meetings will take place on a Tuesday or Wednesday during school time in the Futures Office. Parents/carers are welcome to attend the 30 minute appointment. Please email Mrs Blair-Park once the appointment has been made if you wish to attend.

Most students will have been seen prior to the Christmas holidays. If you feel that your son/daughter would benefit from guidance earlier on in the term, please contact Mrs Blair-Park so that we can prioritise their appointment.

Provider Access Statement: Technical Education & Apprenticeships

Year 12 Work Experience

All year 12s will have the opportunity for work experience in March. Students will be encouraged to find a suitable placement themselves. More details to follow but any questions to Mrs Blair-Park.

Year 10 Work Experience

Year 10 Work experience will run in June. Year 10 have an assembly at the end of the Autumn term telling them all about work experience, followed by a letter to Parents. Any questions please phone or email Mrs Blair-Park.

Year 12s & 13s Opportunities Board

The board is in the common room displaying different opportunities from apprenticeship & job fairs, volunteering, part time work and open days. Students, please take a look as it will be updated regularly.

Useful Further Education and Career Websites

Which University? Information about what and where to study. You can also click here to see where our last Sixth Form leavers have gone on to.

Work Experience

Work experience is an opportunity for young people to learn and practise some of the skills they need to succeed in the business world. It supports their personal growth by:

  • Developing social skills, increasing confidence and promoting a sense of responsibility and independence;
  • Providing valuable and realistic insight into the world of work and up to date practices;
  • Providing information to help inform their decision making about the future career plans and may in some cases lead to offers of part-time employment.

Private Placements

A private placement is where you have found your own placement by either direct contact to a company or have been offered a placement through a family or friend contact. If you have found your own private placement please complete the letter with the correct contact details. Please let the placement know that the school will be in contact with them to confirm the correct insurance and Health & Safety is in place.

Any questions do not hesitate to contact Mrs Blair-Park.

What Types of Placements are Suitable?

All employers who offer placements will be required to meet with specific requirements including private placements. These exist to make sure your child gets the best possible opportunity to learn in a safe environment. All employers must:

  • Have up to date Public Liability and Employers Liability Insurance cover;
  • Provide an opportunity for students to undertake relevant and realistic tasks that develop skills and confidence;
  • Provide adequate supervision and support;
  • Have assessed the likely risks for the Student and have appropriate safety systems in place.

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