Government & Politics - KS5

KS5 Government & Politics

A Level Government and Politics will enable you to understand how the UK and US Governments work as they make day-to-day decisions about the running of the country.  The course will draw on up-to-the-minute modern politics and will challenge you to critically reflect on current political issues. You should have an interest in political matters and current affairs and a willingness to think deeply and analytically.  You should be prepared for independent study and to read around the course.  You do not need to have any prior knowledge of politics to study this course. This is a highly respected qualification which would open doors to any higher education degree.

In Government and Politics we aim to teach students the key knowledge, concepts behaviour and institutions required to understand and engage with the AQA Government and Politics specification:

We aim to develop students’ ideas and opinions about democracy and consider important questions such as:
• Should the UK have a constitution like America does?
• What is more important the rights of the individual or the rights of the collective?
• How have political ideas (such as Socialism, Conservatism and Liberalism) developed over time? How are they reflected in current politics?
• Who should you vote for in the next general election?

In addition, we encourage students to engage in political processes. All students, for instance, are required to write to their MP concerning an issue of their choice. Students with a strong affiliation to a political party are encouraged to take part in local campaigns. In the past we have helped students to apply for a seat in the audience for the BBC’s Question Time. Students are also encouraged to seek work experience with their local MP during work experience week for Year 12.

Current affairs is at the heart of our curriculum. It is through current affairs that students can see the institutions, concepts and behaviours working in ‘real life’. Therefore, we aim to ensure that all students regularly engage with current affairs. Students are asked to re-cap what has been going on in the news on a regular basis. Particular news articles are set as homework reading tasks to ensure students pick up on the most important examples in the news. Students also read regularly from the Politics Review Magazine,-2019-20

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