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Music Faculty Staff List
Mr J Reece Head of Music                          
Miss E Ball Music Teacher
Mr N Beardsworth Music - Geography - RS Teacher - Head of Year 9

Curriculum Overview

L.E.A.P.S for Year 7

What is LEAPS?

The project is aimed at giving Year 7 students a taster of playing a new musical instrument. Places are available on violin, viola, cello, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, guitar, piano and voice. Places are given according to availability. For example if all students chose the same instrument discipline the teacher would not have enough to hours to cover this. If a student is already learning a musical instrument you can still apply for the scheme to learn a second instrument.

How does it work?

Up to 40 students will receive 11 music lessons (20 minutes individual or possibly 30 minutes shared) starting in the spring term funded completely by the school. It is essential that all students signing up for LEAPS realise that learning a musical instrument is a big commitment. The aim is that this will spark an interest in continuing to learn the instrument after the Spring term. When looking at applications we will also look into other criteria such as musical aptitude and pupil premium.


We do have some musical instruments in school, however you may need to rent an instrument depending on availability of a suitable instrument.

Music in Years 7-8

Students in Years 7 and 8 receive three one hour music lessons a fortnight and then opt to take the subject in Year 9. There is a strong emphasis on performing and composing in lower school music lessons, where students are encouraged to be musically creative and expressive in a safe, positive and vibrant working environment. Students regularly perform to the teacher, small groups and the whole class, recording their compositions . Listening to and analysing a range of musical styles is also a key element of Leventhorpe music lessons and vital to a rounded musical education.

We have an innovative curriculum in Years 7 and 8, where students are given the opportunity to try out a wide range of instruments. Practical group work is at the heart of our music making whilst ensuring that links are made back to theoretical music knowledge.


We teach students how to use their voices properly and use singing as part of our day to day life in music lessons. We use singing and clapping to learn music before we play it. Please see above link to Music KS3 Curriculum Overview for schemes of work in Years 7-8.

Home Learning in Music

Home learning is set on a regular basis using Show My Homework and is designed to reinforced classroom learning.

Musical Literacy Help Sheet

Music in Year 9

In Year 9, students undertake practical tasks that are modelled on GCSE tasks. Students are required to compose and perform more independently, and are encouraged to explore their own ‘voice’ in composing and performing. Please see above link to Music KS3 Curriculum Overview for schemes of work in Year 9.

Music at GCSE (KS4)

Students studying GCSE Music usually have five one hour music lessons a fortnight. They are also supported in their performance work with a free 20 minute instrumental/vocal lesson once a week. Students opting for GCSE Music are expected to contribute fully to the extra-curricular activities of the Leventhorpe Music Department. In KS4, students have access to Garageband and Sibelius on desktop Mac computers and Ipads, to compose and record music.


Music at A Level (KS5)

Students studying  A Level Music usually have nine one music lessons a fortnight. They are also supported in their performance work, with a free 30 minute instrumental/vocal lesson once a week which is paid for by Leventhorpe. Students opting for A Level Music are expected to contribute fully to the extra-curricular activities of the Leventhorpe Music Department.

Clubs and Concerts

Leventhorpe Music Department has many clubs and ensembles and concerts are staged each term. Below is a selection of them:

Day Group Time Venue
Monday Guitar Group 1:40pm Room 33
Tuesday Clarinet & Sax Group 2:00pm Room 33
- Orchestra 3:40pm Room 33
Wednesday School Choir 1:40pm Room 33
- Brass Group 3:40pm Room 33
Thursday Funk Band 1:50pm Room 33
- Folk Band 3:40pm Room 33
Friday Jazz Orchestra 1:40pm Room 33

brass band for webpage  Clarinet club 11

Instrumental Lessons

There are also opportunities for students to have music tuition from Hertfordshire Music Service peripatetic teachers at Leventhorpe. Currently tuition is offered on piano, voice, clarinet, saxophone, flute, violin, cello, trumpet, trombone, tenor horn, drums, classical guitar, bass guitar, electric guitar and music technology.

Leventhorpe 2017 1200

Peripatetic Music Teachers
Mr S Pringle Drums
Ms S Gill Piano
Mrs C Ball Violin
Mr M Lewington Trumpet, Tenor Horn, Trombone & Tuba
Mrs S Lewington Clarinet & Saxophone
Mr A Medhurst Piano
Ms J Dickson Voice
Mr M Taylor Flute
Mr S Oates Bass, Classical & Electric Guitar
Mr T Rountree Music Technology
Mrs E White Cello

Music Lesson Agreement Forms

Please download and print the Application Form and return it to the school, marked ‘Music Lessons Administration’. Please ensure that you read the Terms & Conditions contained within the relevant Music Agreement Form before applying, and please also note that there is a different application form for lessons in Music Technology.


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