Business & Economics

Leventhorpe 2017 Sixth Form 0805

Curriculum Overview

Ways in which Parents can support Students

  • Check they have completed their homework using Showmyhomework
  • Discuss what is going on in the business world from the news and other media
  • Offer advise on starting a business (for those who have done so)
  • Discuss the value of money and the importance or working hard for something
  • Help students to remain organised

Enterprise Academy at Leventhorpe

The Enterprise Academy at Leventhorpe exists to give students the opportunity to experience real business and improve their employability skills ready for when they leave.  There are two sections: Junior and Senior.

Junior Academy: Grow a £

Year 9 students work to raise money for the Bishop’s Stortford based charity, Grove Cottage. Grove Cottage provides social and educational activities for people of all ages with learning disability.  Students are given £1 and their task is to grow this to the largest amount that they possibly can.  Previous ideas have included busking, bag packing and raffles.  The students learn to negotiate with businesses as well as getting the opportunity to make sales in real life situations.  All the money that is raised from this is then donated to Grove Cottage.

Senior Academy – BTEC Enterprise

The Senior Academy is a programme of study in Years 12 and 13 and will provide opportunities for students to explore and develop their ideas into viable businesses.  The first session centres on looking at students’ ideas and then begins the process of helping them to develop their plans.  These budding entrepreneurs will be supported throughout the process in areas such as Marketing, Finance, Selling and Business Skills.
Students on this course have timetabled lessons and learn how to set up and run a small business. The students are entered into Tycoon In Schools, a national competition set up and run by the Peter Jones Foundation gives students the chance to run their own business. Students have to create an idea, produce a business plan and pitch for a start-up loan from Tycoon in School. This will allow them to get the business up and running.

The winning team will be the one that scores highest in the categories of Innovation, Marketing, Finance (Sales and Profits), Ethics, Business Skills and the Presentation.  The competition will really stretch the competitors, as students will need to demonstrate a number of key skills such as team-working, problem-solving, perseverance, communication and commitment.  Whatever profits the teams make they keep.  They worked for it and it is important that they realise any successes they achieve will be rewarded.  On the other hand, should students make a loss, they are treated just like a real entrepreneur and are responsible for the losses!

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