Exams and School Closure due to Weather

Published on 04 December 2012

Should the School have to be closed because of bad weather – remember that you will hear information regarding this on Heart FM and BBC radio Essex as well as there being information on the School website and Moodle – then any timetabled external examination WILL take place as previously indicated. We are not allowed to defer exams until the next day or even to a different session on the same day. Therefore should you miss the exam in January it will not be available until the May/June session. This may seem extremely hard but those are the JCQ regulations!

So, once I am informed that School has been closed due to the bad weather, I shall set off on foot to get there as soon as possible.  All being well, then the exams will start by 09.30 at the latest. If you are late, then you have until the timetabled end of the exam to make a start, and you will be allowed the full time. If you arrive after everyone else has finished, then unfortunately you will not be able to start the exam yourself, however much hardship you have been through to get to School. Exams will be in the hall and no other part of School will be open (including the Sixth Form Common Room). Hopefully the School will be heated but prepare for the possibility that it may not be so.

A submission will be made to awarding bodies concerning the weather conditions which may have made sitting the exam difficult on any closure day.

It is obviously very important to you to take the exam, especially if you are in Year 13 but please do not take unnecessary risks that will endanger your life in order to get to School. Any queries regarding this information should be addressed to Mr Banister.

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