Wizard of Oz Cast List

Published on 04 November 2014

wizard of oz poster1


The cast list for the Wizard of Oz has been finalised. As usual, a very difficult task due to the amazing talent in the school. Unfortunately, limited main parts leads to disappointment for some students, who then decide not to take part. However, everyone who wanted to be in the show has been included and no one is without a part. From the Munchkins to Dorothy to the Wizard of OZ everyone is vital to the telling of the story. So thank you to all of you who have been disappointed, but have responded in a mature and positive way and will be considered for future parts of course.

The only one not cast is Toto…so if you have a large fluffy dog… toy dog… then please bring it in!
If I’ve forgotten anyone, please come and see me and I can sort it out.

Now we can start full rehearsals which will be on art room window and on the web. Please try to attend all rehearsals as time is critical to the best production.

Thanks for support from you all and your parents and we will look forward to welcoming them in February

S Jeffries, Head of Art

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