Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Admissions Questions Expected Answers
When is the deadline for admissions?  The deadline for admissions is Tuesday 12th December. We still take applications after this date, but use the information received in December to design our timetable.
How many external applicants joined Leventhorpe last year?                     The percentage of external students in our Sixth Form is around fifty per cent.
Where else can I find information regarding admissions?              Further information regarding admissions can be found on our website and also by contacting the Sixth Form at
Who can I contact at the school for information? If further information is required or an individual meeting is required with the Head of Year 12 Mrs Gower-Pimenta, appointments can be made with the school at

Submission Questions Expected Answers
What is the A*-B rate at  Leventhorpe? The A*-B rate for our students last year was 57%      
How many A-levels can I take? The expectation for most students is that they will take three subjects for two years (some BTEC subjects are “double” and count as two of the three choices).  It will be rare for students to take more than three A Level subjects, but there may be limited exceptions.  A range of additional enrichment subjects will be offered in addition to the standard three A levels.
Typically what do I need to get in GCSEs to study the subject of my choice?                   Typically, most students will need a B or grade 6 to study a subject of their choice at A level.  Information on these can be found on our webpage or in the welcome packs.
Are there any other minimum requirements to access the Sixth Form? We do not have general admission criteria for entry to our sixth form, but instead applicants need to reach specific grades or levels in order to be able to choose particular subjects. We are a full-time only sixth form and so applicants need to have the grades to pick three subjects if they are to join us.

Induction Questions Expected Answers
When is induction this year? Induction will take place on 28 and 29 June.
What does induction consist of? There are two days of induction.  The first gives students a taste of academic lessons and include our Fresher’s Fair, where students can get a taste for our extra-curricular activities.  The second day is entirely student led and focuses on teamwork building and our unique student focused ethos. This day ends with a BBQ, weather permitting.
Do I have to attend both the induction days? Not at all.  We respect your wishes but do recommend that you try us out.  We are very unique in nature and we love to be able to show this side of our school. You will not be excluded from applying if you don’t arrive.
My family are planning a holiday around this time, does this mean my application will be turned down? All applications will be processed regardless of personal situations.  Again, however, we do recommend that you experience Leventhorpe to make a reasoned choice.
What is an accelerator pack? On your induction days we will provide you with some exercises that, when completed, will enable you to go straight into your Sixth Form lessons, bridging some of the gap between GCSEs and your Sixth Form studies,
New A Level Reform Expected Answers
What is happening with the new A-levels? For September 2018
What will Leventhorpe be offering students who join in September 2018? The principle offer with be three A Level or three BTEC units over two years.  Additional enrichment options will also be available.

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