Introduction to Independent Study in the Sixth Form


Do you want to get a taster of an A Level / BTEC subject?

Do you want to stretch yourself and learn something new?

Then try completing one of the independent study tasks below. There are lots of links to Futurelearn courses, which are free online courses on a huge variety of subjects.

Independent Study is important in the Sixth Form. We encourage our students to read around the subject and develop their passion for their studies by completing Futurelearn courses and engaging in academic reading. This extra study helps students to make progress in their subjects and can also provide useful evidence for UCAS, apprenticeship and job applications.




Computer Science

English Language

Induction Lesson

English Literature

Induction Lesson


French Preparation Pack


Government & Politics



5! = 1x2x3x4x5
8! = 1x2x3x4x5x6x7x8
So what is 0! equal to? Watch this video to find out.
If you’d like to do a bit of warming up for Year 12, and to develop your private-study skills, try this mini-course…

If you enjoy that, try some of James Tanton's other videos and puzzles!


Prepare a solo performance (or bring in a pre recorded example of you performing a solo).
Prepare a free choice Composition (or bring in one of your GCSE music compositions).

Philosophy & Ethics

RS Induction Slide



Opening Skinners Box- Lauren Slater
The Psychopath Test- Jon Ronson
both books available secondhand on Amazon

Psychology Induction Slide 2019


Spanish Preparation Pack

Tech IT


Leventhorpe 2017 Sixth Form 13742


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