Sixth Form Dress Code

Sixth Form Dress Code

At Leventhorpe we have a sixth form dress code, rather than a uniform.  We do this because we believe our young people need to develop good judgement about the way they dress for life and work.  The look of the Leventhorpe Sixth Form is “smart business” in keeping with our business and enterprise specialism.

We expect our students to dress within the guidance below:


• Formal trousers
• Suit jacket
• Formal shirt
• Tie
• Formal shoes (heavy boots and trainers are not appropriate)


• Formal business style dress, skirt suit or trouser suit
• Suit jacket
• Formal blouse (see through fabrics should have vest or slip beneath)
• Formal shoes (flip-flops and trainers are not appropriate)

Male and Female

• Hair colours should be natural and cuts not extreme
• No facial piercings except in the ear. Enlarged piercings are not appropriate
• Hair covering for the purpose of religious observance is welcomed

Because our code is based on judgement, there may be situations in which we would want to speak to students and ask them to change their attire.  If we do so it is because a student will not have judged correctly and we will expect the appropriate change to be made.

We reserve the right if an individual makes repeated poor choices of dress, to send them home to change.

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