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What are School Specialisms?

The Specialist School Programme was launched in the 1990’s and it encouraged schools to adopt areas of expertise or focus.  There are a number of subject specialisms that schools can hold, as well as specialisms covering broader areas such as training or leadership.  Initially schools were given extra funding to support the development of activities and projects related to their specialist area.  However, the current Government has reduced the accountability of schools for their specialist areas and funding systems have changed.  Schools can still use the specialist titles they gained and there will be unique features that will make schools different in terms of the way they use their specialisms. 

Leventhorpe has been a specialist Business and Enterprise (B&E) school since September 2004. As part of the High Performing Specialist School (HPSS) scheme we were offered an additional specialism in July 2008. We were designated as a Training School in April 2009. 

Business & Enterprise

Students at Leventhorpe have increased opportunities to follow a curriculum which aims to improve the knowledge and understanding of the following:

  • The business world. What it means to be self-employed, or to be an employee.  Students have opportunities to learn key business knowledge related to finance, marketing, operations and human resources.   
  • Personal finance. To understand the basic financial needs they will have in later life and the different products that can meet these needs, e.g. debt, savings and investment products.

In addition students will be given opportunities to grow a skills set that will enable them to be positive and active in the future.  We encourage them to be ‘enterprising’, to take measured risks, to get involved, to work in teams and reflect on their performance.

The curriculum model has developed to reflect our specialist Business and Enterprise status:

  • All students follow a core ICT course at Key Stage 3.     
  • Students have the option of taking an AS in Business as one of their Key Stage 4 options in Year 10 and 11, if they are progressing well in Maths and English.  This means they will complete the first half of the A level in Business, alongside their other GCSE choices.  They can continue to complete the full A level in the first year of Sixth Form if they wish to.  This pathway has enabled significant numbers of Leventhorpe students to gain an additional A level in Business. 
  • Students can take courses in Enterprise or Business from Year 9.  These can lead to qualifications at GCSE and in the Sixth Form.   
  • We deliver Financial Literacy courses at AS and A level.  These courses can be taken as additional subjects and cover issues related to personal finance and financial services providers.   
  • Economics is a popular choice for Sixth Form students at A level. 
  • There are a number of other business and enterprise activities that take place including visits, guest speakers, competitions, enterprise clubs and specific off timetable activities.

As a Business and Enterprise School we have a focus on outreach work.  This includes a number of Community Courses in areas such as ICT, Art and Design and Languages.  There is a termly programme that runs based on demand from participants.  Please contact Mrs Johnson for further details.

We also actively engage with local employers to support learning through visits and guest speakers.  If you would be interested in supporting the school in this area, please contact Mrs Ball Head of Social Sciences.

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